USB Eyes Vibration Massager LED Therapy Eyes Mask Massager Heating SPA Vibration Anti-Wrinkle Eye Bags Removal Fatigue Relief

Color: Red
Electricaloutlet: USB
Sale price$24.55 USD


With reference to ancient acupoint massage, simulate manual manipulation to knead and press the acupoints of eye bags, effectively alleviate eye fatigue, remove eye bags and dark circles, and awaken eye skin nerves!
Imported micro precision motor design, high-frequency accurate vibration, edible hard plastic silicon colloid, matrix arrangement massage position
Let loose eye bags move!
Actively awaken the eye skin, and long-term use can effectively alleviate the relaxation of eye bags


Function: Eye care/massage points
Massage method: magnetic therapy/vibration/kneading
Body material: TPE+flexible silicone
Built-in battery: polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1 70mAh
Charging method: USB connection charging
Body size: 1 05x34mm

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