Electric Automatic Nail Clipper Grooming Tools

Color: Pink
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  • ♥ Safe design-don't worry about cutting your nails! The 45° continuous blade rotates at the best speed and becomes a 360° circle, compatible with various claw shapes. Electric nail care is only suitable for lengthened nails! You can prepare your nails in about two minutes.
  • ♥ Clean and hygienic-When using this nail trimmer to trim your nails, it will automatically collect nail fragments for you, so you don't have to worry about nail fragments flying away. You can use it at home or use it as a travel nail clipper.
  • ♥ Description of electric nail clippers-this is a new concept electric nail clippers, recommended for people in need and the elderly. If you use ordinary nail clippers, your nails will be very painful, and you won't be able to use them after you cut them. One-button easy operation, two-step adjustment, the elderly and people with weak physical strength can also easily clean their nails. Note: This product is specially designed for nails and should not be used on toenails.
  • ♥ The operation is simple-the elderly and children can use it without reading the instructions. Just open the front cover, gently press the power button, bring your nails close to the cutting edge, and gently cut off the parts that need to be trimmed.
  • ♥ The nail clippers that are suitable as gifts are designed for everyone. They are great gifts for mothers, fathers and children, not just gifts for friends, colleagues, bosses and relatives.

Customer Reviews

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Lou Fritsch

Very convenient nail clipper. Can cut and polish nails at the same time. Works on the principle of a file rather, safely working and at the same time polishing nails. Does not leave sharp edges after a nail clipper. Nails after a haircut are smooth and neat. It is easy to control the machine with one hand, one press is enough, and it will perform its work automatically. The case is equipped with a small tank for collecting cut particles. Perfect for elderly people who hard to cut their nails on their own. Convenient to use for children, safe. Recommend!

Rasheed Hand

Let the nails nicely and short

Carleton Blick

Everything matches.

Murray Beahan

Good, works on batteries, the main thing is that the batteries were powerful! It looks very original and aesthetic brings pleasure.

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