Wireless LED Light WiFi Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Tool

Color: Green
Electricaloutlet: USB
Sale price$42.99 USD


1. New Upgrade Camera: 3.9mm Wireless built-in WiFi With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through WiFi.
2. Wireless Design: Working with iPhone, Android Smartphone, iPad, The otoscope can be compatible with Android 4.2+/ IOS 4.2+, you can see the situation in your ear,clearly displayed on your smart phone .
3. HD camera : Equipped with 500 million pixels camera, 6pcs LED lamp , This otoscope user can obtain real image and live video from close observation.
4. Comfortable and safe : Comfortable 22℃ insensitive temperature and Skin affinity ,variety of earpick,suit for deferent people and remove your earwax easily avoid injury to the ear canal.
5. AI voice control :Support AI voice control for taking picture or Video recording.
6. Multifunctional Endoscope: This ear cleaning camera works great for your pet (dogs, cats and more) as well. And it is a great inspection camera for eyes, nose, oral, skins and more

Color: red,black ,green
Lens diameter:3.9mm
best focal length:1.5-2cm
Image transmission rate:30fps
Image ensor:CMOs
Environment temperature:-10-50'C
Battery capacity:350mAh
Charging time:1.5h
Working voltage:4.1V

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Clemens Zboncak

We install the itimo application, we do not launch the application manually give all the resolutions (camera, microphone, disk), we include the device (press 3 seconds) and open the application, watch the ear. We charge the device in advance. If the diode blinks, it charges. The diode stopped blinking-so it's already charged.

Trever Durgan

A good otoscope, convenient, but quickly heats up, if the charging ends, then the quality changes, it is necessary to keep in mind. Photos and videos in principle are not bad quality for such a price.

Lucie Harber

Thank you very much king seller
All matched.
ITIMO app working good for android.
I just do to scan qr code in packed manuel information and than all done.

Grayce Blick

good one. works great.

Jacklyn Bauch

Arrived fast delivery to Australia. Recommended

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